Rate My GMU Professors

Our extension seamlessly integrates Rate My Professor scores and reviews onto GMU Patriot Web, helping you choose the best courses and professors, every time!

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Enhanced Features for an Unparalleled User Experience

Our extension stands out with unique functionalities designed to deliver efficiency, elegance, and optimal performance

Lightweight and Efficient

Our extension, with a size of just 214 KB, ensures quick loading and seamless integration without slowing down your system.

Aesthetic Design

Our extension transforms the existing instructor column into a customized, visually appealing format that's easy on the eyes and simple to navigate.

Optimized Performance

Our extension efficiently fetches professor data through GraphQL queries and caching mechanisms, minimizing the server load and ensuring rapid data retrieval.


Hear from students who have used Rate My GMU Professors

“Well done!! Just added the extension and it works great!”


“This is awesome! Just tested it and it works great. So nice to have a snapshot right on the registration page. Thank you!”


“What a stupidly freaking amazing idea! I’m jealous I didn’t think of it Lolol.”


“Damn I wish it wasn’t my last semester. This is invaluable.”


“This extension has been saving my ass for years, thank you sm!!”


“On one hand I am incredibly glad for future students who can use this, on the other hand, I'm entering into my last semester and this would have saved me so much time in years past, so I'm a bit salty nothing like this existed for me. Either way, great job!”


“Brilliant. I wish I had this the last few semesters! Would’ve saved me so much time”


“I used it on the classic PatriotWeb registration and it works great!! Thank you so much for this, it'll be very useful to lots of students.”


“Hey, just want to thank you for this tool. It is a huge time saver when browsing and registering for classes.”


“This is so incredibly helpful! So much of the time I spend scheduling is looking up professors to ensure I’m not stuck with.”


“I have already graduated, but I just wanted to say thank you, because I used it while registering and it was really helpful. Thank you!”


“You are an absolute legend mate. Imma get it asap.”


Frequently asked questions

Does this extension work with other websites?

Our extension is targeted specifically to enhance your experience on the GMU Patriot Web. It is not designed to activate on other websites.

Is there any risk in using this extension?

No, this extension does not communicate with the GMU Patriot web. It only displays information on the Patriot web data grids.

Is this extension burdening for the server of Rate My Professors?

Most likely, No. Theoretically, it actually uses less data than regular users. Our extension saves the data for later uses, but regular users will request new data every time they use Rate My Professors.

What browsers is this extension compatible with?

Currently, this extension can be used on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox. We are working to make it available on other browsers as well.

Does the extension automatically update with new ratings?

Yes, our extension updates regularly to provide you with the latest ratings and reviews.

Will this extension slow down my browser?

Absolutely not. Our extension is lightweight and designed to run efficiently, minimizing any impact on browser performance.

I installed the extension but it's not showing any ratings.

If you're not seeing ratings, first ensure you're on GMU Patriot web as the extension is designed to work specifically there. If the problem persists, contact us through the email provided, and we'll help troubleshoot the issue.

Can I customize the display settings of the extension?

Currently, our extension offers a standard display. However, we are constantly working to improve user experience, and customizable settings might be a part of future updates.

Is my personal data safe with this extension?

Yes, your data security is our priority. Our extension does not collect or store any personal information.

I really like this extension. How can I support its development?

We appreciate your enthusiasm! Sharing the extension with friends and leaving a positive review on the Chrome Web Store/Edge Add-ons Store are two great ways to support us. We're also open to suggestions for improvement, so don't hesitate to share your ideas.

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